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SERDI SLR - Automatic Center Cylinder Valve Seat & Valve Guide Machine
Model - EVO-ML
High precision machine with technologically advanced technical solutions, conceived to work seats and valve guides of all kinds of cylinder motor heads. Automatic centering system based on the spherical and flat air-float cushion crossed action principle, electronic motor control with variable speed and digital counter display.
Universal, reliable and safe machine. Machining capacity with greatest precision on all kind of seats of all kind of cylinder motor head, from motorcycle to industrial vehicle. Allows the machining from guides of
4 mm and diameters between 16 and 90 mm.
  • Extremely solid structure modular high rigidity steel bed.
  • Cylinder head tilting clamping system (360°) on the lower table, with flat air cushion, allows a precise
    centering and relieves the effort.
  • Hand control spindle re-centering.
  • Zero effort spindle, borne by an air column during the machining; reduced strokes, greatest precision.
  • Hand control powered spindle quick climb.
  • Magic eye – two axles inclination optical display. Allows to control the guide perpendicularly and
    shows the axle inclination during the machining.
  • Digital and centesimal spindle descent control, with bright display and zero setting up on any point of
    the stroke.
  • Registrable mechanical end of stroke for repetitive works.
  • Integrated lighting with neon light on the base of the machine and lamps on the spindle work head.
  • Laser line who allows the alignment between the spindle and the valve guide line to facilitate the work.
  • Machine work head clamping made by double pneumatic jack.
  • Vacuum checker, carbide tip sharpener and tool rack integrated
    on the machine
Technical Details
Max cylinder head dimensions
unlimited mm
550 mm
450 mm
Machining capacity
mm 14 to 90
Centering workhead travel
1100 mm
Micrometric crosswise
7 mm
Spindle vertical travel
200 mm
Max spindle inclination
6 degrees
Spindle motor power
0.75 Kw
Spindle rotation speed
35 to 700 RPM
Cylinder head support table travel
11 mm
200 mm
Electric supply
1,5 kVA-230 V.
1ph 50/60 Hz
Air pressure supply
6 Bars
Air volume supply
300 L/min
Noise level at 700 RPM
60 DBA
Approximative net weight
1200 Kg
Overall machine dimensions
1580 mm
1000 mm
2100 mm
Packing dimensions: 1700 x 1230 x 2250 mm

"P" Version

Machine with spindle powered through air piston and with automatic recentering
of the spindle.
Fourth air cushion, Zero effort on the spindle, implemented by an air column
(piston) with relieving system, during the machining . Pneumatic powered
spindle quick climb (manual, pushbutton ), automatic spindle recentering

360° Rotating clamping fixture

Tilting clamping fixture

“Magic” clinometer

Flat heads clamping fixture

Carbide bit sharpener

Vacuum checker

Adjustable levelling plugs

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