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F Max Control Panel

Designed to guarantee the maximum reliability and ergonomics, the Fmax Controller combines design and handiness in one solution.The control panel is adjustable in height and inclination according to the operator's needs, granting the maximum comfort for maneuverability and legibility.

There are 4 areas of control, one for each movement of the machine:

[S] - milling rotation.
[R] - machine rotation.
[X] - radial feed.
Z] - axial feed.

For each movement, it is possible to set the direction and speed independently;
AlI the speeds, those of translation [mm/min] as well as of rotation [rpm], are conti­ously monitored in an independent way.The translations are manageable through e "Fast Feed Switch", and for each one, there is a STATUS display for the diagnostics of the functioning status.Each control area, is supplied with a S.T.P led bar, ~anks to which it is possible to verify the current working load. When the S.T.P led flashes, it warns the operator that the machine is overloaded, giving the possibility to modify the cutting parameters properly.

In the version with the electronic divider/positioner for circular series of holes, the controlIer is equipped with an additional alphanumeric LCD display, 3 more switchesand a signal led tower. By indicating the number of holes and the diameter on which they need to be equally distributed, this optional accessory, positions the machine on the exact coordinates on which each hole will have to be placed; The alternate switching of the 3 colours, along with the acoustic signals, continuously guides and updates the operators, who are far away from the controller, on the working status in progress.

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