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Kit for External Working for WS2, 3, 5 & 7
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Machining of pins and cylindrical projecting bodies

Structure with multiple degrees of freedom that, framed onto the body to be machined, permits the set up of the W machine tool that will carry out the external turning operation.

The kit, thanks to its swivels and adjustable elements, allows for a perfect centring of the machine on the cylindrical body. This structure is equipped with systems for rough and fine adjustment, which are necessary in order to reach the required geometric tolerances.

Axial Orientation

The System is adjustable in a planar as well as an axial way.
The cut generated by an orbiting tool with a low number of revolutions and a system with an adjusting tailstock, guarantee an excellent surface finish, stability and vibration dumping.

Planar Orientation

Based on necessity, the system can be supplied in 3 or 4 columns.

  • external diametrical turning on pins and cylindrical immovable bodies
  • can be set on different diametrical Ranges
  • inclinations for conical machining
  • multiple adjustments
  • movements electronically controlled
  • external overlay welding

Relevant Technical Data 

  • 100mm minimum diameter
  • Maximum coning 15°

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