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Lathe = Stock removing machine, whose cutting movement takes place thanks to the relative rotation between the piece and the cutting tool.

Orbital = machine whose tool traces circular paths around the piece to be worked on.

Portable = It is the machine that is installed and fastened on the piece, instead of the piece being fastened onto the machine.

Full cnc = The machine as well as the processes and parameters of machining are completely run and controlled by the computer.

The control panel is made up of one single body, allowing for an easy operation of the machine through a touch screen and a handwheel .

The software allows for editing/saving of the code of the tool’s route in a standard g-code and m-code.

Some of the software’s features are:

  1. graphic display that shows the tool’s route and real time updating
  2. viewing, in real time, of the x and z axis coordinates
  3. possibility to define up to 253 cutting tools for the automatic compensation of the tool’s route with the programmed parameters

What it does:

For “on-site” turning with extreme precision (completely run by a CNC control panel), on faces and internal and/or external extremities of cylindrical surfaces, of fixed tubular bodies which are immovable or impossible to rotate.

  • Straight line and/or curved - internal and/or external interpolations.
  • Standard and/or tapered threading.
  • Simple and/or profile facing.
  • Multilevel cylindrical grooves.




The CNC control activates a series of motors and guides, that control and coordinate the movement of the machine's axis, in order to place the tool in the scheduled position at the right moment.

The numeric control used is extremely simple and handy. The basic programming language is in accordance to ISO standards. The 3D graphics of the piece can be instantly zoomed to verify the details.

It has been designed taking into consideration the actual needs of the CNC lathe operators.

Simple and perceptive, with an interactive touch screen display graphics.

It can even be used by personnel with low expertise in programming. The "conversational" programming standard allows for the creation of complicated profiles.

Easy to use. The routes of the tools can be quickly and directly created on the control panel, starting from the coordinates on the drawing.

The CNC has a dynamic graphics for the simulation of the machining on the piece to be worked on.

The CNC interface is simple and intuitive. Besides the possibility to create programs manually, it is also possible to execute files created by sophisticated CAM programs without having to key in any command.

The three modalities FILE, JOG e MDI are fully supported and can be used together. It is possible to open a file and view it, give commands in MDI modality and pass onto the JOG modality without any limits.

A series of windows allow for a correct setting of the machining and for the viewing of the simulation of the tool's routes.

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